Why Choose Uneedacube?

The reasons why choose Uneedacube

You want Value!

Uneedacube is the cheapest mobile self storage per cubic metre.
Less than 50 cents a day per cube.

You want to choose your delivery date!

Uneedacube has no scheduled suburb runs ? your Uneedacube is delivered when you require it.

You want to know if your items will fit!

Uneedacube only advertise our internal measurements ? so you will be certain your valuables will fit.

You don’t want hidden costs!

Uneedacube have NO hidden charges, like fuel and toll costs.

You want a socially responsible company!

Uneedacube self storage units are made from sustainable materials.

You don’t want your valuables to come back crusty, mouldy or dusty!

Uneedacube self storage units are made of breathable materials, and our facility is regularly fumigated so your items will return as you packed them.

You don’t want double or triple handling of your unit!

Uneedacube have manoeuvrable trailers that can fit in any driveway or right outside your door. Your unit stays on the trailer until it is safely in our warehouse (not forklifted on and off trucks).

You want all your storage needs in one place!

Uneedacube has all of your packaging needs.

You don’t want to pay for expert advice

Uneedacube offers free in-home assessments to help better assess your storage needs.

You want someone who cares.

At Uneedacube we respect and care for our clients.

Need a storage? Call us on (08) 9498 2823 or

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